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Re: Introspector & Treecc (was: [DotGNU]Licence question about GNU and G

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Re: Introspector & Treecc (was: [DotGNU]Licence question about GNU and GCC)
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 04:25:02 -0800 (PST)

>       So you mean a native compiler for C# using GCC
> backend ?.

Yes, I mean mapping the C# frontend you have onto the
gcc tree nodes and creating a new front end to the

Even more, Creating bi-directional gateway on the ast
level by interfacing the treenodes from gcc into a
treecc node structure. 

Even more, adding in XML dumping and Perl interfaces
on the tree level to both languages with a database
representation for debugging!

This has alot of promise!
It also Sounds really scary!

--The mad scientist starts rubbing his hands togeather

with a crazy look in his eyes.....


James Michael DuPont

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