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Re: Introspector & Treecc (was: [DotGNU]Licence question about GNU and G

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Re: Introspector & Treecc (was: [DotGNU]Licence question about GNU and GCC)
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 04:52:32 -0800 (PST)

>Are you telling me that GCC optimisations could be 
> written like XSL transforms ?. Wow , that sure
> lowered the entry barrier to the work on GCC.

Yes, *like* is the key word.

There are two levels of processing here :
The high level of tree structures like a DTD or schema
The low level of tree instances  like a document

First we need to map the structures on to each other, 
and then use those transformation rules to process the
the instances. 

We need to transform the instances of the tree objects
from GCC to PNET for using the gcc as a front end.

Of course this could be used for writing tree
transformations later on for more optimisations.

That might call for a lower level representation like
rtl..  I have not thought this through yet.

The instances of the trees could be done in high speed
c-level the input to that transformation would be a
high level language or a code generator that is
specialised for the job.

Imagine a object representation that allows key graphs
to be extracted, visualised, manipulated  via xml and
other tools. 

The transformations would then be encoded in a simple
tranformation language like xlst and then translated
into c for inclusion into the compiler.

XLST is very abstract, we need a language that is
close to the domain of the compiler.


James Michael DuPont

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