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Re: [DotGNU]Meet-a-thon -- Please forward.. (some thoughts)

From: John
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Meet-a-thon -- Please forward.. (some thoughts)
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 21:12:55 -0600

We'd have a heck of a time organizing around a block schedule. For
example Auth/Acq is four projects in evenly spaced timezones. (Not that
this is a problem for me. I work weekends, but I don't sleep.) Also
there's some overlap, with stuff being built around other stuff all

Just a thought that we'd be better off setting the first 18 hours as
freeform to set meeting times for interested parties who can then set
their own times. Anyone willing to run a sceduling 'bot? Maybe next

Frankly, large meetings like this are something we should do quarterly?
I've had a heck of a time interacting with anyone interested in FrePort
or in finding someone to help with the snags (Someone who could write
the SQL to set up five tables, and one user would be greatly
appreciated!) I'm certain other developers have hit similar snags? Bulk
meetings give us more of an opportunity to schmooze; especially if
they're held at regular intervals.

This first one won't even be a test case, just a good set-up for what we
need to do to make an infrastructure to support a better one next time.

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Gopal.V wrote:
> > So may I conclude that the meet-a-thon of DotGNU will take place
> > from 10 Am GMT Saturday to 10 Pm GMT Sunday ,which is 36 hours
> > of discussion. The meet is organised in sessions starting every 4
> > hours. So there will be 9 sessions in all. Each session will be
> > reported by one of the present , on the mailing list.
> >
> >       The session idea was used for the convenience of the dialup
> > users (like yours truly) and to prevent waiting. I think 4 hours
> > should bring a session within the reach of anyone anywhere in the
> > world.
> >
> >       Also everybody having any doubt about how to start working on
> > DotGNU (any part) are welcome to come and thrash out all the doubts.
> > We should devote some time for the newbies whose presence is always
> > welcome. I think this should bring in more coders,testers and above
> > all *USERS*.
> >
> >       Please forward to anyone who might be interested.
> >
> I think that this is great.  Gopal, do you have any plans or thoughts on
> how the 4 hour blocks should be organized?  Just kind of Free-form?  Or
> would you prefer something along the lines of Block 1: pnet, Block2: auth,
> Block3: SEE, etc...
> I'm sort of agnostic -- either way works for me.  However, who will be
> doing the logging and where will they put their logs?  They should
> probably be available during the discussion and as up to date as possible.
>         -Barry
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