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[DotGNU]Freport Update

From: John
Subject: [DotGNU]Freport Update
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 02:52:13 -0600

Well, I kept promising myself I'd do an update, and never seemed to be
able to write one in cold blood. Here's what's coded so far:

Freport plugin: basic configuration done, sub-plug system coded.

Subplugs: Standard Local AuthMaster and DataBank interfaced, routines
for database and encryption are designed, but not yet developed (help

Remote: protocol design completed, not yet coded; waiting on database

Website: I've a whole bunch of handwritten pseudomodel that needs to be
translated to the UML, but I've not been feeling particularly artistic.

That's it. Although ID-Sec has been much better supported, I still see
it's failure to protect the "sites-visited meta-data"  as a major
departure from DotGNU's original edict of fully protecting customer
privacy. I'm given to ask: do we go with code that's out there or do we
stick by our philosophical guns?

Anyone who wishes to offer me assistance can contact me privately. I'll
be nicked at the mass-meeting as "FrePort".

John Le'Brecage
John Le'Brecage

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