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From: Gerard Toonstra
Subject: [DotGNU]pnetlib
Date: 17 Mar 2002 18:23:34 +0000

Hi all,

Looks like you could use a hand with the pnetlib that is being
developed, so I started on that today. I've submitted the first patch
for that as well.

Had quite some troubles getting up to speed, as it's not the type of
development I normally do. Basically it requires a different state of
mind because the platform specific information is not directly available
and things 'work differently'. I can't compile, because I don't have
Windows .NET (way too expensive), but I rely on my code insight and the
syntax checker for the moment and have to test the functionality later.

Nevertheless, I hope I get some comments and feedback on the patch, I'm
very keen on getting this to improve my effectiveness for this lib,
which would eventually help you guys out a lot. I'm starting to rev up
now with getting other classes done.

Not sure whether there is any preference on the classes that need be
done, but for the moment I've focused myself on the System/NET directory
in order to get IPAddress, Sockets and WebRequests in, so that it would
already start to look like a web-enabled thingy. Next to that, I
recognised the engine may be lacking socket support, so maybe there's
one thing that I could help out as well.

Still going to take some time of course, but there's no other way to get
from A to B other than step by step. If anyone is the owner of pnetlib
and wishes to streamline development with me, please contact me and let
me know your thoughts...


Gerard Toonstra

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