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[DotGNU]IList.Count problem + webservice API + status page bug

From: Silvernerd
Subject: [DotGNU]IList.Count problem + webservice API + status page bug
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 19:07:48 +0100

Hi everybody,

I walked into a little problem with the IList interface when programming
in Socket.Select there are 3 lists, I need to check if they are empty,
but IList doesn't support the Count property. The weird thing is that
in ArrayList the ECMA specs say at the Count property:
' [Note: This property is implemented to support the IList interface.]'.

Does this mean that IList should have a Count property?

Another question: are there any plans for a webservice API? I mean an
API that would provide important things like GUI stuff to webservices.

And last: I believe the pnetlib status pages have a bug in them, all
classes in the System.Net and System.Net.Sockets namespaces are marked
as missing while
about the half of them aren't. Maybe this has something to do with the
relocation of the System.Net namespace (and some other classes) into

Silvernerd (Peter Minten)

"Using Linux is like walking over a ray of bricks, not as beautiful, but
a lot more substantial than light."

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