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[DotGNU]pnetlib developers...please note

From: Gopal.V
Subject: [DotGNU]pnetlib developers...please note
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 21:28:48 +0530
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Hi ,
        Keeping with my promise to *manage* Pnetlib development,
this is a couple of XML files we'll be using to generate a 
report about the Maintainers of Pnetlib and the current files
they are working on.
        The options should be reasonably clear to every one. I'll
be commiting this to pnetlib/ directory. I would like all
*developers* including patch submitters to figure in this list.

        It is not required for the developer to edit this for each
entry. He can send me the list he is working/taking up and I'll
get it into the XML file.

        Also coming is an html edition of the documents as they fill
up. This is the true aim of using XML instead of using post-it
notes on my wall.


<<maintain.xml>>  :: to enter maintain info
<<developers.xml>>:: developer's names

 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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