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[DotGNU]treecc list of nodes in tree format

From: nymia
Subject: [DotGNU]treecc list of nodes in tree format
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:56:41 -0800

Hi all,

Quick treecc question, what is the best approach in walking the node tree?

My plan is to produce a report on the hierarchy of nodes. Should I use
nodeHash to get the first node?

See code below for details.


void TreeCCContextListNodes(TreeCCContext *context)
        unsigned int hash;
        TreeCCNode *node, *nextNode;

        for(hash = 0; hash < TREECC_HASH_SIZE; ++hash)
                node = context->nodeHash[hash];
                while(node != 0)
                        nextNode = node->nextHash;
                        printf("hash : %s \n", node->name);
                        node = nextNode;


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