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this doesn't affect DotGNU (was Re: [DotGNU]New addendum for MS redistri

From: S11001001
Subject: this doesn't affect DotGNU (was Re: [DotGNU]New addendum for MS redistributables)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 18:19:39 -0600
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Carsten Kuckuk wrote:
This covers the MFC and MSVCRT DLLs. The MSVCRT is the equivalent of the
Linux glibc. It also contains the code that is needed to setup the
C-environment (argc, argv, envp, heap and stack) for each C and C++ program.
So this EULA change in effect means that each and every (practically
relevant) program developed with VS.NET must never ever be run on a
non-Windows operating system.

First, I don't think msvcrt.dll comes anywhere near :)

The first paragraph notes the products whose EULAs this affects. It only appears to affect some .NET products.

Microsoft's "redistributables" are certain parts of .NET, such as the runtime, that it makes redistributable, albeit under restrictive terms. This is in the same manner that the JDK allows you to redistribute the Java runtime with the program, to ensure that only one version is used to run the program.

That definition is important to understanding the rest of this document.

Some of the points:

ii. This is the kicker. It refers to the "redistributables" (i.e. Microsoft's tools that you are redistributing), and says that they can only run on Microsoft Windows. This is aimed at WINE & company.

vi. Distribution of the license, also a point on the GPL.

vii. Warranty crap, further demonstrating that the NO WARRANTY clause is nothing that the proprietary's don't do.

In the short-term this seems to be directed at Lindows. In the long term it
will hit Mono and DotGnu. How useful is a CLR clone if no software is
allowed to run on it?

Now, the license does not affect the license of software developed on the platform. And DotGNU is creating its own components, not using/encouraging redistribution of those of M$. If this restriction spreads to all Microsoft software, it will only mean that you can't run proprietary Microsoft software on platforms it doesn't want you to. Big deal. Get GNU. I certainly won't be affected by proprietary publishers saying I can't run their software how I want to.

I suppose that they could eventually impose those restrictions on software developed with the VisualStudio.NET software, and this is a major problem. However, I for one am not developing with VS.NET, and I hope that you are not either; quite frankly, giving in to those restrictions is voluntary, and I have no sympathy for those who do, but know better. Also, it is not the job of ilrun to check the license of a program to make sure that it is legal to run.

> I've hacked the Xaw3d library to give you a Win95 like interface and it
> is named Xaw95. You can replace your Xaw3d library.
Oh God, this is so disgusting!
        -- seen on c.o.l.development.apps, about the "Win95 look-alike"

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