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[DotGNU]Why DotGNU should use Jabber (I'm finally back :-)

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [DotGNU]Why DotGNU should use Jabber (I'm finally back :-)
Date: 30 Mar 2002 00:43:34 -0500

Hello, all. I'm finally back into the whole Internet thing, after being
barely online for the past 3 months.

I'm making one of the first things I do is convince all of you here at
this massive project to use Jabber for DotGNU's XML routing and maybe
even as the preferred transport over the crude and limited HTTP.

Jabber [] began as an open project for distributed Instant
Messaging, modeled after email in that:
        * the protocols are fully open, freely implimentable, and modifiable.
        * anyone can create their own client, server, or component.
        * anyone can set a server up anywhere and talk with other Jabber
servers and users on the Network.

Currently Jabber uses a very client/server model, also like email, but
this can easily change since the protocol itself is not limited to this
model. All that needs doing to make Jabber fully P2P (or as P2P as you
want it) is code to receive and send the protocol how you want.

Jabber has functionality for messaging, presence, and querying of
components or data in the users account. It is all XML, and uses a
limited number of tags while relying heavily on namespaces to
differentiate between functions. It is currently already being used as
middleware solutions, and will only get better.

Also, the main Jabber server, the Jabber Open Source Server v1.4, has
been recently dual-licensed to both the JOSL (a Mozilla-like license)
and the GPL. In addition, most, if not all, the server Transports
(AIM-T, Yahoo-T, etc..) are GPL'ed, and most of the Jabber clients are.
If DotGNU decided to participate, it would have an instant codebase to
work from that is very stable and fully featured.

There is work being done for a "Jabber v2.0" protocol, but this is very
long term (2+ years), and will hopefully co-incide with the time when
DotGNU needs to re-think some of it's former ways, so if DotGNU uses
Jabber until then, it will be able to give excellent feedback on how to
make it even better. DotGNU would become an integral and highly valued
contributor to Jabber v2.0.

Also, if DotGNU is really committed to Jabber, I believe I could get
someone from it into some position at the new Jabber Software
Foundation, to make sure Jabber goes in a satisfactory direction for all
of you.

I'm sure there are many other questions which I have not answered.
Please send them to me here, and I'll answer to the best of my ability
for everyone to read. I know none of you will be disappointed by
Jabber's potential as a transport and router for DotGNU.

    /\  Adam Theo, Age 22, Tallahassee FL USA
   //\\   Email & Jabber: address@hidden
  //  \\    MSN: address@hidden   YIM: adamtheo2
=//====\\=  (Boycotting AOL, therefore no AIM or ICQ)
//  ||  \\  Theoretic Solutions:
    ||         "Bringing Ideas Together"
    ||      Jabber Protocol:
    ||         "The Coolest IM on the Planet"
    ||  "A Free-Market Socialist Patriotic American Buddhist"

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