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[DotGNU]Jabber - How to make it Official?

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [DotGNU]Jabber - How to make it Official?
Date: 01 Apr 2002 15:26:44 -0500

Hi, all. There doesn't seem to be any objections to using Jabber, in
fact only praise for how it could help DotGNU (if you do see problems,
please speak up! :-). So now I'm wondering how to make it "official"
that DotGNU will use Jabber whenever reasonably possible for XML routing
and communication. Is there a group of people that have to vote? I think
that getting it official and on the website is key to getting various
coders here to really look into it and begin integrating it into their
projects. Without the official stamp of approval too many people would
avoid it out of fear that it is a fancy, or worse not even know about

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