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Re: [DotGNU]I want to contribute

From: Angel \"Java\" Lopez
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]I want to contribute
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 14:10:53 -0300

Hi people!

Well, to support J2EE, in some point, you need to run a Java Virtual
Machine. The J2EE developer compile Java programs (servlets, JavaBeans,
Enterprise JavaBeans) or write JSP (Java Server Pages) that are translated
to Java programs (servlets) automatically by the Web Container.

You need to write a:

- Web Container (like Tomcat, at

- EJB Container (like JBoss at

But I think that .Net (or .Net from Microsoft) has different goals o
architecture that J2EE. For example, distributed .Net is all based on SOAP
(XML+HTTP), with Web Services as the type of applications/services exposed.

On the other side, at J2EE, there are Web Services-like programs, named
Stateless Session Beans. But there are Stateful Beans, too, and most
notably, Entity Beans (and now, Message Beans, in the newer J2EE
specification). An entity bean can represent a business object, like Invoice
# 17, and the same object is shared by different client programs.

You can check also for the new Web Services (new) in
Java.... and for the latest J2EE specifications.

One possible (and very interesting) path of development is to extend .Net to
offer something like Entity Beans or Remote Objects (a la RMI or CORBA), but
in .Net languages, not Java.

Angel "Java" Lopez

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> > Also J2EE is almost same in ideas to .NET (as
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> What is going to be necessary for us to support J2EE?
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