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Re: [DotGNU]Re: "Open source" is not what we do here

From: Raghavendra Bhat
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Re: "Open source" is not what we do here
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 23:15:23 +0530
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> If you use the term "open source" you will direct everyone's attention
> towards the Open Source Movement and away from us.  This happens to us
> constantly  and we  struggle against  it steadfastly.   The  danger of
> being co-opted and forgotten is great.

The danger  of confusion is  real and as  you have said the  struggle to
correct it is a gargantuan  task.  Free Software activists in India face
such a situation  due to the term "open source" and  the struggle we are
undertaking to  clear the confusion is  real hard.  People  who talk and
who represent Free  Software should never use the  term `Open Source' as
RMS rightly says.  The confusion that  we create is too grave to be even
thought of.  

Many User Groups here have been  "captured" (the apt term that RMS uses)
by the Open  Source guys even though they were  started by Free Software
enthusiasts.   We had  put very  hard  work to  bring up/organize  these
Groups and  hence it was  really sad  to see them  move away to  the OSS
camp.  We  have no time to  lose to correct  mistakes which could/should
have been avoided.  We have to use and stress the correct terminology in
no ambiguous terms and we should be fearless in defending our freedom.  
It is "Free Software" all the way..... 

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