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Newbie help (was: [DotGNU](no subject))

From: Gopal.V
Subject: Newbie help (was: [DotGNU](no subject))
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 00:17:15 +0530
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If memory serves me right, mytpmail wrote:
> I have a overall idea about this project but I am confused about how 
> do I start or how can I contribute?

There are various DotGNU projects up for grabs now like Portable.NET,
VRS/SEE,Auth services.......
> I am a JAVA programmer with experince of 2 years.
> I have experience in J2EE developement.

Since you're already a Java guy, IMO you're the kind of developer Pnet 
(Portable.NET) needs now. The Pnetlib is a C# base class library for 
Pnet. It is written in C# (obviously) and is needing a lot of developers.

C# is actually almost Java with a few keywords mods , and a number of 
features like delegates (which are function pointers), enums , properties,
events etc. The similarity is striking when you look at the code -- the 
property get/set stuff looks like the old Java bean get/set property methods.

In short we need more turbo on the Pnetlib -- read pnetlib/HACKING for 
more info on contributing.

> I dont have any industrial experience in C and C++ but I have worked
> in these languages for my independant projects. 

That might come in handy if you're intending to help with the runtime
or compiler -- but I won't advise that now.
> I have already downloaded the stuff for DotGNU portable.NET.
> But I dont know where to start or how to start?

Where did you get it from ?. CVS , or Southern Storm
site ?.

My preferred way is CVS , as it is easier to keep up with changes. I'm
sure the compile steps and install steps are easy . You need a GNU/Linux
box ...... I think you might have read INSTALL already :)

To start contributing read the HACKING file in pnetlib , which is fairly
exhaustive. It also has a set of C# classes for suggested reading. That
should give you the first taste of C#. Also check the ECMA documentation
of C# library at for help.

> Any help will be appreciated

If you need anymore stuff, you're welcome to post it on list or mail me 
about it. Also we've got a weekly meet of developers on
#dotgnu on IRC at (about) 10:00 AM GMT Saturday -- 3:30 pm India.

 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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