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Re: [DotGNU]Help with Jabber

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Help with Jabber
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 14:32:58 -0400 (EDT)

What you ask is an interesting question.  I do not think most people "get"  
the idea of Jabber as messaging middleware.  We have this same problem
with Bayonne.  In fact, I have started formulating a strategy of
explaining what Bayonne is (and is not) in a more public way and what we
envision doing with it to help clear that problem up.  Maybe you need to
do the same for Jabber.

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, Adam Theo wrote:

> For those of you who don't read slashdot (I'm one of those, and wouldn't 
> know about this news item except it's been all over the Jabber forums 
> the past day), someone posted a review of DJ Adam's very in-depth and 
> informative "Programming Jabber" book.
> Unfortunately, the majority of the "discussion" there has been along the 
> lines of "Jabber sux because they can't do AIM right". Us Jabberites 
> have been forrowing our brows trying to figure out how to tackle this 
> problem of so many people completely mis-understanding Jabber and what 
> it's all about.
> FYI, Jabber does "do AIM", but the Jabber clients especially don't. The 
> clients only speak Jabber, it's the servers that do AIM. So if you can't 
> do AIM on one server (such as, because AOL is blocking it), 
> then use another. You don't even have to move your Jabber account, just 
> "browse" over to the other server's Transports.
> But despite many attempts by Jabber advocates, the general public just 
> still doesn't seem to "get Jabber", and otherwise Free Software 
> developers who refuse to use Microsoft Word are perfectly happy using 
> AIM/ICQ/Y!/MSN... Why?
> I'm hoping that as Free Software developers, and members that are not 
> yet fully integrated into the Jabber community (I hope that changes 
> soon, I'd like to see more of you folks on the Jabber lists NOW! ;-), 
> you can give me your point of view on how Jabber can combat this 
> mis-information that seems to be everywhere?
> Should Jabber keep promoting itself as an open IM system? Or ditch that 
> in favor of general XML routing like what DotGNU is considering using? 
> Should we take the message directly to the masses, or to corporate 
> business, or to project developers?
> The Article:
> Jabber Homepage:
> Thanks :-)

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