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[DotGNU]Talking to your PC is possible.

From: John Rebbeck
Subject: [DotGNU]Talking to your PC is possible.
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 19:36:33 +1000

I was just thinking about how you could add a feature of talking to your PC and it responding with the correct action..."I want to send an email to Bill." and your PC opens the email window with Bill's email address in the To box, it responds "Please speak your message.", you speak your message as it types it, when you say "Send email" it gets sent. Email probably wouldn't work like this for long after these capabilities are implemented but you get the idea.
Also, because web services will provide just about everything you need (information is the main reason for having a PC and it's easy for web services to transmit it) everything can be in the one place, on your desktop. When you say "I'm back" (logs you on) it says you have messages, when you say "Read messages." it reads them to you one by one. When you ask "Do I have any appointments today?" it can check with your online calendar and tell you about them.
One reason for moving towards voice is that it makes it possible for your phone to act as your PC, not just a small tool that allows you to do some of the very basics that your PC can do.
First of all convert speech into text (simple speech recognition), then check this text against an ever growing knowledge bank of commands (on the net, cached on the PC) and it provides the correct information to tell the PC to act accordingly. Also, the PC can self configure using common settings provided on the web, chosen by the user, default to very simple/basic. All drivers can be downloaded automatically with information for configuration, any problems and the PC download solutions from the web.
Hmmmm, food for thought.
Are there any plans to do with this type of functionality with DotGNU.

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