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[DotGNU]Forum Update 17-apr-2001

From: Silvernerd
Subject: [DotGNU]Forum Update 17-apr-2001
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 13:34:17 +0200

Hi folks,

here is an update on the Forum project:

Project Status: Waiting to be approved / created

I'm currently busy with writing texinfo documentation for the project,
and have run in to the question what license (GPL+linking exception or
plain GPL) the project should have. I have chosen for the plain old GPL,
because of the following reason:

Webservices are run outside of forum (possibly on another computer) and
communicate to forum using XML. I interpret the fact that they use XML
for communication as not linking, therefore the linking exception is not

That's all for this week I guess.

Silvernerd (Peter Minten)

"Using GNU/Linux is like walking over a ray of bricks, not as beautiful,
but a lot more substantial than light."

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