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From: Asif Ali
Subject: [DotGNU]hello
Date: 22 Apr 2002 05:54:48 -0000

Hello everyone,

I have been closely following DotGNU for sometime..although was sceptical about its seriousness..but i guess it is a combined effort which is going to churn out results. That is why i have joined. Well introducing myself, i carry along with the 1.5 years of research experience on MS.NET including internals like CLR, CLI, IL, platform architecture, etc.. we've have developed several applications on MS.NET..although i am not really a developer now..i work as an architect designing and developing technology architectures..

Well for now..i would like to know if there is a repository which stores the docs related to development on DotGNU and if any help i can do immediately.
I hope the existing members can help get me started of.

Asif Ali

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