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[DotGNU]Components performance...COM+ services ?

From: Asif Ali
Subject: [DotGNU]Components performance...COM+ services ?
Date: 25 Apr 2002 05:55:12 -0000

hello everyone,

Ive downloaded the pnet source and working on the docs.. i'll need some i was going through them..i was wondering if we have any substitute ORB/Transaction server similar to COM+ Services that is cruicial in enterprise application scenarios. I have begin doing a bit of ground work upon it and will let you guys know about it.

i am new to DotGNU so i dont know whehter the track that i am going is correct or not. If i am deviating i would request the members to advise me on that..

well looking at what challenges we are working to tackle at..heres something in brief.

functions as an orb

provide stubs and accept calls via proxy using protocols such as TCP/HTTP/SOAP/XML-RPC or Jabber ?
allow compoents to be called remotely or from the same machine..

initiate JIT activation, deactivation of objects at runtime,

Hold the objects in "Pool" the objects...sharing/reusing them whenever a client request comes..timeout when no request is happening..

Allow loosely bound components (webservices ?) to be also "serviced" or "deployed" for better performance

Manage component state, persist if necessary and JIT access it..only when needed.

thread managemenent, memory management and thread syncronization etc

All this for two track approach for the IL and java based bytecode.

As a transaction server

Intitate, track and complete distributed transactions..commiting them using 2PC protocol

Allow transactions with IL and bytecode based transactions.

and much go..

please let me know your comments on the same.. and how do we go ahead on this subject.


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