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Re: [DotGNU]Components performance...COM+ services ?

From: Andrew Mitchell
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Components performance...COM+ services ?
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:15:04 +1200
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For this sort of thing - I would seriously talk with the GNU Enterprise
people (, #gnuenterprise on 
The appserver portion is currently being redesigned & will be rewritten 
in python. Awhile ago, there was a meeting between GNUe, DotGNU, and 
phpGroupware developers where it was agreed that they would use a 
common RPC library & agree on common ways to interact. 

So far, I haven't seen much progress, but hopefully this will still 
happen as each project matures :) I'm intending to get into the appserver
design & implementation, and so will welcome your comments :)

On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 05:55:12AM -0000, Asif Ali wrote:
> hello everyone,
> Ive downloaded the pnet source and working on the docs.. i'll need 
> some i was going through them..i was wondering if we have 
> any substitute ORB/Transaction server similar to COM+ Services 
> that is cruicial in enterprise application scenarios. I have begin 
> doing a bit of ground work upon it and will let you guys know 
> about it.
> i am new to DotGNU so i dont know whehter the track that i am 
> going is correct or not. If i am deviating i would request the 
> members to advise me on that..
> well looking at what challenges we are working to tackle at..heres 
> something in brief.
> functions as an orb
> >provide stubs and accept calls via proxy using protocols such as 
> >TCP/HTTP/SOAP/XML-RPC or Jabber ?
> allow compoents to be called remotely or from the same machine..
> >initiate JIT activation, deactivation of objects at runtime,
> >Hold the objects in "Pool" the 
> >objects...sharing/reusing them whenever a client request 
> >comes..timeout when no request is happening..
> >Allow loosely bound components (webservices ?) to be also 
> >"serviced" or "deployed"  for better performance
> >Manage component state, persist if necessary and JIT access 
> >it..only when needed.
> >thread managemenent, memory management and thread syncronization 
> >etc
> All this for two track approach for the IL and java based 
> bytecode.
> As a transaction server
> >Intitate, track and complete distributed transactions..commiting 
> >them using 2PC protocol
> >Allow transactions with IL and bytecode based transactions.
> and much go..
> please let me know your comments on the same.. and how do we go 
> ahead on this subject.
> regards
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