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Re: Re: [Gnue-dev] Re: Re: [DotGNU]GEASv2

From: Asif Ali
Subject: Re: Re: [Gnue-dev] Re: Re: [DotGNU]GEASv2
Date: 25 Apr 2002 12:27:57 -0000

Hello Mueller,

thanks for your reply. Well, my approach towards putting my points may be wrong, i apologise again for that.. To make things a little clear i however will explain these two things that are up in my mind as to what i had mentioned earlier

> 3.Support for both DotGNU based components (assemblies),
> webservices and java based components for reusability of objects
> at runtime

well i am looking at a typical enterprise application to be a mish-mash of (a) DotGNU components (class libs) in the form of assemblies (b) loosely bound components like Webservices (c) EJB's if we are adding direct support for Java based components i.e EJB's

some may find that special support to EJB's might be ruled out.but .if Java is implemented in DotGNU and bytecode generation is also possible as an added addition to IL..then (c) makes sense.

In such a situation..where object reusability and distributed transactions across different types of components becomes very important. These issues are not addressed by microsoft also because their apps are not so heterogenous in nature...(at least so far).

however i started working on a document yesterday night..probably once the first draft is ready i would let you guys know. Also i would like to interact with the architects of GNUe and the GEASv2 projs so that we have a better understanding and may be i will be able to put some issues up to them.


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