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[DotGNU]This Week's Pnet Roadmap

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]This Week's Pnet Roadmap
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 19:32:51 +0530
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        We had our meet today and the roadmap for this week has been set

Hacker Level 0
    * Translate the resources files to French (or your language). 

Hacker Level 1
    * Write Tests for the System classes like String (partially in 
      place), Int32 , Int16 ....
    * Implement the ToString() and Parse() function where missing.
      check out the pnetlib/runtime/System/Private/NumberParser for
      the missing stuff
    * Classes on top this week:
      - System.Xml.XmlWriter : Is an Abstract class so , not much
        work here :)
      - System.Xml.XmlTextWriter : Is the implementation of XmlWriter.
        Expect lots of Write("<"+ +">"); stuff, ideal for 
      - System.Xml.XmlConvert : Which is typically an escape mechanism
        for invalid XML chars. So XmlConvert.EncodeName("Order Details")
        becomes "Order_x0020_Details" as per the XSD specifications. 
                Liberal use of StringBuilder expected :). Please implement or
                report any missing ToString() required here.

Hacker Level 2
    * Write Tests for advanced classes like the network and file classes
    * Implement a Base64 encoder for C# (port from Java) for use in 
      XmlConvert and the Http password sections. (Non ECMA !)
    * Classes on top this week:
      - System.Xml.XmlTextReader & XmlReader : That's hardcoder stuff :)
      - System.DateTime along with the needed Parse() and ToString()

    * Bang on the runtime and compiler to catch bugs (PInvoke not included)
Hacker Level 3
    * grep -r "TODO" pnet
    * Detect & fix bugs in cscc and ilrun
    * Help us with stuff like javacc (haven't heard from Marcin yet ?)

Hacker Level 4
    * /Me begs them to help us in anyway they can .

"Bugmeister" Awards

    * All bugs have to be reported on
    * All bugs have to be original & unreported as such
    * Fixes accompanying bugs gives additional Karma
    * Making ilrun/cscc dump a core scores highest with +5 points
/ME and Rhys are excluded from competition due to obvious reasons.


There are lots of other things that you can do to help us . One of them
being to test , use and take apart the whole system and tell us what you
think about the design and working.

Other Help
    * Offer a compile machine for compiling pnetlib (clean room procedure)
      ie host a binary snapshot facility.
    * Write documentation about how to use pnet.
    * Help people on IRC personally or setting up an infobot (
    * Work on independent projects using pnet 

Feedback is what I need ! . So (please) don't dissapoint me. The positive
feedback is what switches me to top gear. I'll wait two days for the
responses before starting on "Hacker level 2" and working my way 
up into higher levels.


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