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[DotGNU]DotGNU.* namespaces -- Jabber & stuff

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]DotGNU.* namespaces -- Jabber & stuff
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 15:12:48 +0530
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Hi Everybody,
     In relation to jabber support for DotGNU , it has been found that
we really need some *real* support for Jabber in Portable.Net . So we're
thinking about implementing a Jabber# library for it.

    After giving much thought to how to implement Jabber I have a plan
about how to about it. The System.Net.WebRequest should be extended to
form a DotGNU.Net.JabberWebRequest like the System.Net.HttpWebRequest. 
The DotGNU namespace should contain all the "innovations" we make. 

It is also possible that someone from Jabber.Net already has such an
implementation of the Jabber protocol , so I've mailed the Alpha Geek
Joe HildeBrand <address@hidden> asking about the details on their 
work. If that project may provide a Jabber.Client.dll (or someother
stuff) , we may be able to abstract out the details in that .

Until the System.Xml is finished (or usable) we will have to write code
with our eyes closed. Hoping that the Jabber.Net will also include
the client code stuff.

Priorities for Network Development (High : two weeks)
* Socket.Select() Internal call
   read pnet/engine/lib_socket.c (Hacker level 3)
* pnetlib/System/Net/NetworkStream.cs
   use the Platform.SocketMethods class and implement the Stream functions
   using the recv , send in it. (Hacker level 2)
* pnetlib/System/Net/Dns.cs & internalcalls
   Really don't know the requirements or procedures 
   (rhys: do you have uncommited code here ?)
* Array declare woes in the compiler :( .
  a quick fix in the form of an IL HelperClasses code 
  ie a helpers assembly which has the ArrayHelper.NewByteArray(len)
  see for example

Jabber Specific (medium : next month)
* pnetlib/System/Uri.cs 
   implement the jabber addressing/ URI model here 
* finish XML stuff
* implement SHA1 for Jabber Auth (or was it Md5 ?)
* Do the base64 stuff to make it send binary
* needs XPath ? 

Rpc Stuff (low : in the next 4 months)
(after all that's what jabber is used for)

* A [WebService] attribute to mark a static function as Rpc visible 
  (Hacker level 1)
* A reflection based Rpc server 
  (Hacker level 2)
* Implement MethodInfo.GetParameters()

check out my Pnet demos at
for an example of what Pnet can do (and some tricks off my sleeve) .

This shows how we can work around most of cscc's limitations ....

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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