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[DotGNU]Re: DotGNU.* namespaces -- Jabber & stuff

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: DotGNU.* namespaces -- Jabber & stuff
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:15:40 -0400
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Glad to hear Jabber could solve a problem with PNet. I was personally not sure how Jabber could help there, but that's simply because I don't understand the whole interprter/bytecode thing at all. I poked Joe Hildebrand about it, and I see he has replied. He's been doing alot of great work for Jabber (he's employed by Jabber, Inc, in fact), so he knows what he is doing.

Gopal V wrote:
Hi Everybody,
     In relation to jabber support for DotGNU , it has been found that
we really need some *real* support for Jabber in Portable.Net . So we're
thinking about implementing a Jabber# library for it.

    After giving much thought to how to implement Jabber I have a plan
about how to about it. The System.Net.WebRequest should be extended to
form a DotGNU.Net.JabberWebRequest like the System.Net.HttpWebRequest. The DotGNU namespace should contain all the "innovations" we make.
It is also possible that someone from Jabber.Net already has such an
implementation of the Jabber protocol , so I've mailed the Alpha Geek
Joe HildeBrand <address@hidden> asking about the details on their work. If that project may provide a Jabber.Client.dll (or someother
stuff) , we may be able to abstract out the details in that .

Until the System.Xml is finished (or usable) we will have to write code
with our eyes closed. Hoping that the Jabber.Net will also include
the client code stuff.

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