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[DotGNU]URGENT ALERT: Broadband = "Information Service" Nonsense -- Comm

From: Seth Johnson
Subject: [DotGNU]URGENT ALERT: Broadband = "Information Service" Nonsense -- Comments Needed
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 18:26:59 -0400

Sorry, but this is really late notice.  Tomorrow is the last
day for comments on the FCC's proposal to call the Internet
an "information service" for the entrenched broadband
interests.  Ostensibly, this decision is being made in
preference over classifying broadband internet as a
"communications medium," which would place it under
regulations like those phone companies are subject to.  It
is therefore being characterized as a decision for
deregulation versus regulation.

Anybody who can, PLEASE send in a note saying this is not a
question of whether regulation or deregulation is better
policy (this is just a smokescreen) -- it's a question of
the nature of the online medium:  Is it a "content" delivery
system, or a communications medium characterized by its
fundamental two-way protocols, one which brings profound new
capabilities to all citizens?

*Please* send even just a short note to the FCC at

If you know any other constituencies that would want to put
a word in on this, please let them know.

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