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[DotGNU]This Week in DotGNU 04-05-2002

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]This Week in DotGNU 04-05-2002
Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 02:12:18 +0530
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This week in DotGNU came up with lots of mails some of which are
so important that I could not help but put them up as "This Week
in DotGNU" so that the swamped up readers of the list could get 
an idea of what's going on.......

Mailing List

  * The week started with a discussion on the JabberWebRequest class
    and the Jabber libs for Portable.NET
  * The Forum stuff gets hashed out and ends up in RMS's mail queue
    as far as I know 
  * Peter Minten has a brainwave and suggests a monthly newsletter
    for DotGNU , which is edited by Peter himself .
        (/me reminds myself     to be good to him)
  * The question of Parrot as a prospective VM for dynamic langauges
    in DotGNU comes up.
  * The Parrot discuss escalates into a discussion comparing the parrot
    and pnet VM s .. which is shot down by Rhys with his comments ,
    which condenses to "after all it's zeros and ones" about bytecode
    formats & instructions.
  * The rants about Savannah's bug report facility fade out with the
    growing volume of mail ... Rhys mentions how a Savannah report hits
    him in his face whenever he logs on :)
  * The Dynamic DNS and Naming of services come up with Adam Theo 
    "Jabbering" as usual ...... The comparison of service naming ,
    location , and assembly/namespace naming mix up into a muddle.
    (I can't make head or tail of it to report sensibly -- but P2P
    hits a homerun with the "jlo_?u?e.avi" example ;)

  * This week started with a roadmap for the week of which the
    Socket.Select() Internal Call was by Charlie Carnow
  * Rhys managed to fix all the bugs I threw at him (should I say

  * The array declare bug gets solved so happy "new byte[]" from now
    on -- Rhys
  * An assembler bug gets caught by sheer chance and gets fixed
    So we can use strings larger than 2k in our code (as if *I*
    need it)

  * The verifer gets a bug which gets fixed Ok -- so ilverify
    resolves assembly references .

  * It's now possible to write simple Network programs in Pnet ,
    like a simple TCP socket server / client 

  * Rhys updates pnet/engine/HACKING to be a *great* set of docs for
    InternalCall work. 
  * The threading support for Pnet gets started (by who else -- Rhys)

  * Jonathan Springer starts to get his hands dirty in Pnet code 
    (/me hopes for a few miracles)

  * Joe Hildebrand replies with "Jabber.NET is a C# lib for client
    and serverside jabber components" -- which is a relief. But XML
    support is needed and good XML support too :)

  * No release this week :(

  * No news from Seek3r yet :(

I really don't know much about VRS and Auth projects .... must be 
going strong right ?. So have I summed up this week well, I hope ;)


PS: all mistakes are either due to transmission problems or /me falling
    asleep on the keyboarddddddd
The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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