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[DotGNU]Regarding your message "SOAPtalk" roundtable discussion in Zuric

From: Ramesh
Subject: [DotGNU]Regarding your message "SOAPtalk" roundtable discussion in Zurich
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 17:55:03 +0530

I am keen to know the answers to the issues that were supposed to have
discussed in the meet.

I will appreciate if anyone can send me the info on the same to me.

Basically, I am looking at answers to the following questions (quoting from
the earlier message), especially
to the question "why webservices", or why should (and would) organaisations
embrace web services.

- what is the untimative vision for web services?

- what are the plans for working against the proliferation of
  webservices standards?

- is there a committment to KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)?

- how can platform vendors differentiate themselves if
  everything is standardized?

- how to you estimate the survival chances of W3C?

- why webservices and not CORBA / COM / RMI?

- business models for web services?

- is there customer lock-in in the area of web services?

Best Regards
Ramesh Chintalapati
Solutions Architect
eSpace Technologies
Chennai - 600017
Tel : 91-44-8293322
Fax : 91-44-8293328

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