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Re: [DotGNU]Regarding your message "SOAPtalk" roundtable discussion in Z

From: Asif Ali
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Regarding your message "SOAPtalk" roundtable discussion in Zurich
Date: 9 May 2002 13:38:02 -0000

- is there a committment to KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)?

like gopal said, I think CORBA has thought enough lessons

- why webservices and not CORBA / COM / RMI?

well models such as COM/RMI etc allowed business logic or functionality to work well within a small network where communication is between similiar entities. although each individual model has been fairly sucessful, the problem is -- vendor specific standards and proprietory binary communication protocols..good for smaller level apps.

today, whats is really happening is applications are being built around the internet which presents good possibilities..and the webservices model is really a good idea.

- business models for web services?

well there is no specific business models to make webservices a commercial basiclly depends upon the level of adaptation by the industry


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