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[DotGNU]Portable.NET InternalCalls for hacking

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET InternalCalls for hacking
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 21:22:52 +0530
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Since I have been reviewing the internal calls available for
hacking right now . I have collected them all into this file for
the people starting out on engine ..... ie picking
the easier ones .

And I mean the guys who dig C !

 * public virtual Type[] GetTypes(); in System.Reflection.Assembly
   -- to be implemented in lib_reflect.c:800
   -- find out how to list out the ILClasses from an ILImage (ildiff)
      and find out how to pack a System_Array (from somewhere in lib_reflect.c)
 * public virtual Type[] GetExportedTypes(); in System.Reflection.Assembly
   -- to be implemented in lib_reflect.c:502
   -- should be similar to the first one . And remember engine/HACKING is
      your friend..
 * private String GetFullName(); in System.Reflection.Module
   -- to be implemented in lib_reflect.c:1615
   -- ask rhys :)

 * public static Errno GetLastAccess(String path, out long lastac); in
   -- to be implemented in lib_platform.c:290
   -- wrap the stat() and access() functions in a ILFileGetXXX func in
      support/ and .....

 * public static Errno GetLastModification(String path, out long last_mod);
   in Platform.DirMethods
   -- to be implemented in lib_platform.c:302
   -- similar to above 
 * public static Errno GetCreationTime(String path, out long last_mod);
   in Platform.DirMethods
   -- to be implemented in lib_platform.c:310
   -- similar to above 

As far as I could see these are the easy ones .... Actually somepeople
have been asking me to pick an internal call for them. So I thought I
would do such a list....rather than telling them to GFTC (Grep For 
TODO's in Code)... So all the guys who have started doing stuff like
this please make sure you post the mail on the list here .

We also need the DateTime.Parse() to test the last three funcs...

Also left are the DirMethods.Copy , DirMethods.Delete , DirMethods.Rename
TaskMethods.GetCommandLineArgs ,  Module.GetType , Module.GetTypes ,
Module.GetAssembly , .... etc.

For C# guys : the pnetlib-status will be updated sometime tonight...

I don't have  much time to make this into a webpage and put it up. 
so someone please put it up somewhere. Also I'll be mostly offline 
this week.

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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