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[DotGNU]pnetlib: a patch to System.IO.MemoryStream done

From: S11001001
Subject: [DotGNU]pnetlib: a patch to System.IO.MemoryStream done
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 02:27:32 -0500
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Haran Shivanan wrote:

I've included the patch for the MemoryStream and ChangeLog.
I have a couple of ideas concerning the Write and SetLength member for
adding resizability functionality to the class.
Let me know if the patch was OK.

Haran Shivanan (address@hidden)

I have checked in your patch. You did understand correctly about not being able to seek behind bottomLimit, which is why I named it Limit ;). I made some fixes for the weird virtual-property hacks that I use in that function in order to better interact with subclasses, which were my fault for not documenting fully in notes at the top of the file, but the only other problems I found were:

1. the use of variable name "l" (as in length). I like variable names I can read (with the exception of the ones that ECMA provides for method arguments, of course ;). But that's just a personal preference, and I didn't even bother fixing it.

2. redundant statements in the switch/case: I looked this up when I was writing my first switch/case statement, and each case: must end with some kind of breaking statement. The three acceptable ones are break, return, and throw. Therefore, break is unnecessary after a return.

Other than that, everything looks good! I will hopefully be able to devote more time towards pnetlib in general, now that I have my own computer (and indeed: it's 2:24 am where I am, and nobody's bothering me about being awake!).

What are your ideas on Write and SetLength?

Stephen Compall
will fix .sig-generator later, for all you gnucookie fans :D

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