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[DotGNU]Status of things

From: Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r)
Subject: [DotGNU]Status of things
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 11:16:44 -0700
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I kind of lost touch with whats going on in DotGNU and am hopeing someone can catch me up a bit.

As far as I can tell the only thing DotGNU is working on is Portable.NET (pnet). From the glancing looks I have taken over the last couple months I havent seen anything on the web services side (SOAP, XML-RPC, HailStorm) of stuff going on.

I have started some new code to seperate phpGW into two pieces, of a client and a server. The server can be talked to over SOAP or XML-RPC and provides its services to the client.
Right now I am working on the following parts:

1) Accounts. data is stored in DSML format. DSML is the XML version of LDAP, and there is some tools that will ast as a middle man to take the DSML request and get the data from an LDAP server. Right now I am storing the DSML docs into a database table.
You can find the DSML drafts at
And a nice primer is at

2) Preferences. data is being stored in the XML-ized ACAP doc format.
This will be an important one for everyone agree on for some of the common fields, and from there its all extensible for app/service specific needs.

3) Messaging. I have been fiddling with some SOAP/XML-RPC wrapper to IMAP, POP3 and NNTP calls. There is already an implementation of xml-rpc interface to POP3 and the concept is the same. Mine would just abstract the actual host. The primary goal is to keep a groupware client from having to deal with some seperate protocol if its already talking to the web service server for everything else anyways.

After I get these intial core services working, then I want to take on calendaring, todo, notes and addressbook services. Since phpGW was already n-tiered is isnt going to be that hard to take its storage and business objects and seperate them from the UI objects.

Basicly in the end I figure phpGroupWare would be a client that generates a web interface. It will use this new collection of service objects for much of its needs. It would be a close relationship to be sure, but since phpGW will be having to use xml-rpc/soap to use the services, it will have the effect of helping us document how it works, as well as give a good working example of how to use the server services.

Right now I am calling this new server the GroupWare Freedom Server (GWFS) just so that I have something to call it while talking about it.

Dan Kuykendall

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