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Re: [DotGNU]jabber conference

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]jabber conference
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:43:12 -0400
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Gopal V wrote:
If memory serves me right, Brandon Bremen wrote:

I created a dotgnu room on if anyone wants to use it. Im trying to set up an irc <--> jabber thingymabob on my server but it isn't quite so easy. Atleast the config file is in good ol' XML!

I think going the Jabber way might have it's difficulties .. for example
how in the world will you replicate a dotgnu-sage in Jabber ?.

I don't know what DotGNU-Sage is, but I'm assuming it is a chat bot program. Jabber has a very featured one already, called ChatBot. You can see how it works in the address@hidden room at any time.

It does join messages (when a certain someone enters the room a customized message can be "spoken" by chatbot, my new one is "Johnny Jabberseed" thanks to StPeter :-)

Also it stored URLs and descriptions of people and terms for query. Try this by doinjg "?? JOSL" in the chatroom. It will respond with what the JOSL is (the Mozilla-like license that the open source server is under) and hopefully a URL to read it. You can do this on people ("?? theo"), or anything else that is defined with ChatBot.

ChatBot uses plug-ins to expand functionality. There are other plugins for rolling dice, stock quotes (if memory serves), and other things.

And the best thing ChatBot does is logging of the chatroom.

Jabber still has problems with firewalls, although there is a solution. I don't know if the server has http enabled, but if it does then people behind firewalls can use a http-enabled client (I think Gabber, Jarl, WinJab, Exodus and maybe a couple of other mature ones do) and connect to the jabber server on port 80 wrapping the jabber messages as http packets.

If the server does not, then perhaps could set up its own jabber server? maybe even a public one to encourage dotgnuers to use jabber more often? the JabberD server is amazingly resource lightweight, and very easy to install. If you are worried about the load, I can tell you you probably only need to start worrying when you get lots of users. I'd say go ahead and set one up, and if it gets too much, just shut it down or outsource the jabber operations.

If you want, I'd be happy to take an hour or two of my time to set it up for you. just give me a regular user ftp and ssh account, and i'll have it up and running in 2 hours max, complete with SSL and conference support. Never set up HTTP support, but shouldn't be that hard after figuring out SSL.

IMHO IRC is an almost ideal solution which has been used for the past
year ..... But I'm personally open to all suggestions . The guys who
are left out from IRC are people who are heavily firewalled and proxied.
Is there way to do it in Jabber ? ....

I would like to stress that Jabber is an integral component of DotGNU
communication package ... So we *should* use Jabber for stuff ..

So let's try this as an experiment .... Next week's meeting will be held on Jabber to try out Jabber's strengths and weaknesses. What's the opinion
about that ?... After all we have got the time (and some have the bandwidth).

Also I'm waiting for Adam Theo's comments on this ....


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