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[DotGNU]libxmlsharp registered and CVS up

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]libxmlsharp registered and CVS up
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 19:50:14 +0530
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Hi Everyone,
        I have finally managed to get through loic's eagle-eyes check
on my project , and libxmlsharp is registered in .

I will briefy recount the history behind this project ..

[offtopic] ;)
It all started when I was looking for a nice little project to test
pnet on. It needed to be simple , practically useful as well as possible
with Portable.Net. The end result has been libxml#

A chat on irc with DrMiaow almost convinced me to use Xerces , but
the problems wrapping C++ in C and again into C# gave me the creeps.
Also it was not a standard distro lib. After some time I finalized
libxml2 and proceeded with it for the fun of it.

After putting in about 8 hours of work , I found out that this was
indeed turning out to be useful. The decision to make it a real work
came after it started parsing a DOM correctly . Also this supports
parsing of Gzip'd xml files which was one of the points which I had
in mind.

Now in 3 brief days we have an Xml Parser for C# which is sufficently

[Future Plans & Problems]

I have decided to fork this back into pnet/otherlibs CVS once this is
fully functional.

The project remains under non-gnu currently due to (C) assign problems.
But I'm keeping the possibility of making it a DotGNU project in the 
near future . And the libs are namespaced as "dotgnu.xml" and not as 
"libxml". If this is inacceptable , would someone from DotGNU SC
please mail me .

All interested developers may contact me for CVS commit access .... 


Another point I would like to raise is about a libgzip# for pnet, anyone
want to port gcj's to C# ?. My work
has (hopefully) cleared the way for people desperate to PInvoke with

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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