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[DotGNU]ECMA Spec 334 (C# Language) converted to XML

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: [DotGNU]ECMA Spec 334 (C# Language) converted to XML
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 16:39:55 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All, 
I am preparing my first contribution to the DOTGnu
project, and xmlized version of the ECMA spec!

This will serve for anyone who wants to reference,
annotate or extronically process the contents of the

I am working on the next step of extracting all the
test cases from it, but that is not ready for
publishing yet.

Of course this is also not really ready for pubishing
yet, but 
you might be interested in my current state.
The perl script does not contain documentation and has
to be slightly modified for use, there could be hidden
bugs... it is work in progress.

I have downloaded the version of the ECMA 334 from the, then I converted it to a Funky XML version by
modifing the xpdf program. (No it is not the with xml, that I found later :() 
The XML is then ran through a filter written in perl
(of all languages) that  uses the TWIG interface to
avoid building HUGE DOMS and gives you then best of
DOM and SAX combined. 

The trick is that I marked up the font information
that is stored by hexifing the pointers to the font
objects, that means that the font are local to the
file and have to be remapped for each file. I am
working on the ECMA-335 now, but the 334 is ready for

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