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[DotGNU]Reminder - Weekly DotGNU Meeting

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Reminder - Weekly DotGNU Meeting
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:09:21 +0530
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DotGNU holds weekly meetings to discuss any issues
of relevance; to allow the developers to catch up
with each other; and to allow new members to ask
questions and find out how to join in.

The meetings are conducted via IRC in the channel
#dotgnu on at the following

    Saturday 1000 UTC
    Saturday 2200 UTC

The first is best for DotGNU members east of UTC
and the second is best for DotGNU members west
of UTC.  Some of the key DotGNU members attend
both meetings.

The logs of #dotgnu are always available here: 

Note: the times are UTC, not GMT.  That is, they
do not include daylight savings adjustments during
the northern summer.  If you have a Unix system,
then the command "date; date -u" will give you
your current time in both local and UTC, allowing
you do determine when the next meeting will occur.


This week we switch focus for the meet . All along 
the previous meets , we have focussed on the runtime
and compiler issues in general. The development of 
pnetlib has come to an almost standstill . So this
meet is aimed at re-organising the pnetlib development.

Also some round-the-border discussions about scripting
IL with Python,Ruby and (ofcourse) SilverScript in concept.

I would like some feedback on libxml# and the possibility 
of using it as a parser of XMLRPC until Silvernerd finishes 
System.Xml. Also some discussion on Reflection and how to
expose XMLRPC funcs.

Filler Topics

SEE , jailer daemon or just security manager 
(to:myrridian, S11001001)

why libxml# when there is System.Xml ?


Get our jabber conference place fixed and running before the
next pnet meeting or ab(r)andon that idea.

Draft that "Status of Projects" for Portable.Net along with 
this meeting. 

Finalize a place & time for the DotGNU news idea and write an 
RSS or RDF generator & maintain it in . This should 
not be maintained by a single person !. I want multiple people 
adding news to it  , so that it keeps on going. 

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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