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[DotGNU]FW: LibxmlSharp Status 19 June 2002

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]FW: LibxmlSharp Status 19 June 2002
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 06:01:45 +0530
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(sending again !)

Hi all,

I have finally finished fixing the basic parsing and tree
construction in libxmlsharp. The Normalization of the parse
tree has been reimplemented with the runtime's GC in mind .
The first release (0.0.1) will probably happen this weekend.

What is there in libxml# ?

The basic parsing works , as do the various GetAttr,Children
and Attributes stuff . The NodeCache has been extended to count
references and avoid double free'ing . The library also inherits
HTTP support via the nanoHTTP in libxml2 . Also it supports .gz 
files by default.

""; or "/tmp/status.xml.gz" are both
accepted and parsed correctly by libxmlsharp. I thought this might
a Good Thing (TM)

What's left to do ?

The library still to implement the Xml Namespaces, Dtd support
and exception support .  The Namespace and Dtd need only to be
wrapped off libxml2 . The Exception issue is more complicated 
as libxml2 uses an error callback, to invoke an Exception from
a callback would tie it down to pnet. I'm thinking about the 
using a GetLastErrorMessage() idea. Other less complicated TODO's
remain the Clone , GetHashCode and ToString functions .. and 
last but not least Documentation !

What's DotGNU-Doc doing in libxmlsharp ?

DotGNU-Doc module in CVS is unrelated to libxmlsharp ... thanks
to S11001001's efforts we have a nice set of .texi files which
form a basis for a general documentation effort. Feel free to 
ask me for CVS commit access or to send patches or new essays 
,ideas or concepts that you would like to submit there.

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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