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[DotGNU]Meet-a-thon Announcement

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Meet-a-thon Announcement
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 20:35:49 +0530
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Hi Everyone,
        I think we have finished all the discussions about the meet-a-thon
event ... either way it's too late to discuss anything anyway (T-17 Hours)
So here it comes...

The DotGNU meet-a-thon is to be held on the 29th and 30th of June 2002,
from 29th 1000 UTC to 30th 2200 UTC (36 hours) .. The meeting is divided
into 4 hour sessions . The first few sessions are devoted to general
topics and newcomers to DotGNU . The later sessions will delve deeper into
DotGNU territory . To cater to the needs of newbies , we'll be keeping
#dotgnu-newbies open for discussion. This unlogged channel can be used 
if the main channel is busy . 

Almost anything qualifies as a topic , (except flames , flamebait and
other crap ...) ..

#dotgnu : 
          (_scribe_ by ajmitch)

#dotgnu-newbies : no log 

Any1 on the mailing list can volunteer to write out an analysis of a 
session of the meet-a-thon during that session ... 

English preferred for ignoramuses like /me ... but in case a non-english
speaking guy shows up, you're welcome to translate for the benifit of the
many-headed ...

_scribe_     -- logging bot (Timber !)
dotgnu-sage  -- he knows everything !

Developers -- A general view of Nicks

myrridian  -- Enzo Adrian Reyes  
fitzix     -- Barry Fitzgerald 
nb         -- Norbert Bollow
dyfet      -- David Sugar
colonel    -- Arun . M 
rhysw      -- Rhys Weatherly [Portable.Net]

rhysw      -- Rhys Weatherly (Core Developer)
t3rmin4t0r -- Gopal.V (what ?)
silvernerd -- Peter Minten (pnetlib)
S11001001  -- Stephen Compall (pnetlib)
carnow     -- Charlie Carnow (pnetlib)

seek3r     -- Dan Kuykendall 

[Virtual Identies]
FrePort    -- John Le'Brecage (FrePort)
mds        -- Mario D Santana (MACS)

[Jabber] (not sure about nicks)
Adam Theo
Peter St Andre

[Usual Visitors]
ajmitch     -- Andrew Mitchell (logger,.deb packager and channel op)
chillywilly -- Daniel Bauman (master of insults)
sidNL       -- Sidney Richards (pnetlib patches)
mdupont     -- Michael Dupont (Introspector)
DrMiaow     -- James Mc Parlane (HPUX guy)
absurd      -- Brandon Bremen (MAC OS X)

Well, if I forgot anyone or anything .... you're welcome to 
mail me about it ;-)

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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