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[DotGNU]DotGNU events next month in Europe....

From: David Sugar
Subject: [DotGNU]DotGNU events next month in Europe....
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 20:48:59 -0400
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First, curiously enough, there actually are some DotGNU events next month...

At the Bristol Software Conference, being held at Bristol University, UK, on Sunday afternoon, July 7th, I am going to be speaking briefly about DotGNU. The day before I will be speaking about the 1.0 release of GNU Bayonne. This is a free event. Further details may be found at

At this year's Libre Software Meeting, being held at the University of Bordeaux, France, on the afternoon of the 12th of July, we will also have a DotGNU gathering and discussion. If additional people would like to come and speak, I could extend the time available for this. Further details may be found at

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