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Re: [DotGNU][Slightly OT] Dyndns over Jabber

From: Seth Johnson
Subject: Re: [DotGNU][Slightly OT] Dyndns over Jabber
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 08:17:24 -0400

I *think* I go along with this.  I would say that the idea
isn't just to have provide dyndns, but anybody
running dotgnu on their machine can -- which I don't think
Charlie's contradicting.  Also, the basic idea doesn't
require presence -- you just basically provide an
authoritative resolver so anybody can get a universally
unique domain name -- and then you can run anything you want
on that domain name.  Each dynamic domain can then handle
requests themselves just like ordinary web servers.

I'm hearing two different ideas -- one, creating a kind of
"space" that supports a number of locations familiar to it,
facilitating presence of some sort; and another, which is
basically just providing DNS resolution.  The
presence-oriented idea might entail tags such as described
here, but the basic dyndns idea wouldn't need that, and
would just hook into the standard DNS resolution process.

Seth Johnson

Charlie Carnow wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Gopal V wrote:
> > So "gopal.<my_dyndns>.org" will be resolved as the IP of the
> > guy jabbering as "gopal@<my_dyndns>.org"
>         I think we should make a dyndns component. A person that wanted
> there domain would register with dyndns.<jabber server> giving some
> information about the domain, definettly an IP address, as well as
> if we decide to, information revelent to a who-is query. The component
> would subscribe to the presence of all who register. For example
> if address@hidden registers with dyndns component at
> will then subscribe to his presence. The IP and other
> info in the register process will be saved. When an browse request is
> sent to if address@hidden is still there it will
> return a tag contaning a reference to the ns dyndns:ip. The client can
> then send a request for dyndns:ip and the dyndns:ip information will
> contain the ip of If there is no presence
> information for it will return an error
> description saying the ip address is not avaible right now. If
> address@hidden logs off, the IP address the component has will be
> erased. When address@hidden logs back on to Jabber, the component will
> send a message requesting it to make a auth query which will send the
> component a new IP. If a jabber user that just wants to get ip addresses
> for a dynamic dns address you could design a situation where a human-user
> sends a jabber:iq:oob qualifed request with the <url> tag containing the
> url and the desc tag being empty, to a jabber non-component application
> which would then send the ip through jabber:iq:oob. We could set up our
> applications to get IP's this way.


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