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Re: [DotGNU]The C# Book - The plan

From: Balbir Singh
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]The C# Book - The plan
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 10:03:54 +0530

Hello, All


at the moment there is still a lot unclear about the book, these issues
are still open:

* Texinfo or LaTex. Texinfo has the advantage of being a GNU standard,
but it has been told that LaTex produces better PDF output. Of course we
could also use Docbook or LinuxDoc. I suggest we decide this matter by
democratic voting.

My vote is for LaTeX or DocBook.

* The location of the files. Do we create yet another savannah project
or do we put the file into an existing project and if so in which

* Title of book.

* Division of work.

* Writing style (how to mark important stuff, how much illustrations are
used, etc).

There is besides the issues above some other stuff that needs to be

* A detailed listing of all the chapters to serve as a map of what needs
to be done.

* Things I haven't though of yet.

I have a few suggestions on the writing style:

* Divide between important basic stuff that everybody needs to know and
less important advanced stuff that could be useful to know.

* Write with humor, nobody likes boring books.

* Explain important concepts in special paragraphs.

* Do not created a bloated book, keep the book as concise
as possible.

I'm going to do a little writing (about control structures and
iteration), I'll post my work here so that it can be discussed.

If there are people here who want to help out with the book please stand
up :-).

I am standing, what now :-)



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