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Re: Designing SEE before anything else (was Re: [DotGNU]SEE and interact

From: Myrddian
Subject: Re: Designing SEE before anything else (was Re: [DotGNU]SEE and interaction with vm's)
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 20:45:01 +1000
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> If memory serves me right, Barry Fitzgerald wrote:
> > 3 is relatively easy because, idealy, all you need to do is to provide
> > the type of VM and location, along with the location of the image that
> > you want to run.  It's a simple exec function.
> yes probably something like what the current clwrap does ... in a larger
> scale covering more VMs maybe :-)
> > The solution to 2: the VM and the libraries contain the profile support
> > and wall off the running code there.  That's the best way to handle it. 
> Well we really need a policy broker daemon then ? ... The ideal solution
> for a policy daemon would be to provide a policy object during runtime
> initialization which persists during execution...
> CORBA would be acceptable there , if only I could get it to work in C ..
> (a config.xml file for each app/assembly would be sufficent as well..)
> > Most of this could actually be menially achieved with a shell script.
> Tell me ... 
> Hope everyone likes my idea (which is more the result of not trying to be
> too clever than brilliance ...)
> Gopal

Well At the moment I am waiting to have a good SEE meeting, :) 

I am still thinking over the idea of having SEE remotely accessible,
considering what has been said in the past. However I do recall that SEE
can take other plug-ins other than VM's.

I think I wrote that early on, before we get too carried away with Vm
plugin architecture we should think on what we need.

Some what I am hessitant on using CORBA, I mean personally I think it's
overkill. However if we intend to use XML-RPC on other parts of DotGNU I
do think consistency would be appreciated if we did use XML-RPC instead

Although for an early test bed we could use it. 

Mind you this is only for consistency.

I hope to see you all on IRC

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quicquid enim florui felix et beatus, numc a summo corrui gloria privatus

                                        --- Fortune Plango Vulnera

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