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[DotGNU]subject to US law? (was Re: flexible for users, or...)

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: [DotGNU]subject to US law? (was Re: flexible for users, or...)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:47:44 +0200

Boris Kolar <address@hidden> wrote:

> My fear is, that somewhere along the road the DotGNU project
> will have two choices: a) to fail, or b) to become "illegal"
> (but not unethical). To many corporations, DotGNU is a
> "dangerous thing" and I see a real possibility they'll fight
> it with stupid laws (like SSSCA, patenting most basic
> ideas,...).
> Some patents are amazingly stupid and they realy prevent
> innovation. Why can't we simply ignore them? What can they do?
> It's an international project, so such stupid patents and laws
> surely don't (and won't) apply everywhere. I mean: who says US
> legislation applies to this project?

Right now the situation is probably that DotGNU Portable.NET is
subject to Australian law, while the rest of DotGNU is subject to
US law.

If being subject to US law ever becomes a serious problem, it
will be easy to create a non-profit org for organising the
DotGNU project either here in Switzerland or in some other
convenient country.

Greetings, Norbert.

A founder of the project and Steering Committee member
Norbert Bollow, Weidlistr.18, CH-8624 Gruet   (near Zurich, Switzerland)
Tel +41 1 972 20 59         Fax +41 1 972 20 69
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