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[DotGNU]Windows.Forms for Portable.Net

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Windows.Forms for Portable.Net
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 06:20:34 +0530
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Hi Everyone,
    As an immediate result of /me getting back to DotGNU (after a weekend)
I had been told that Windows.Forms is getting a cold shoulder in Mono .
I had a peek at the mono-list archives and noted an amazing number of mails
quoting Windows.Forms in the subject ..... A closer inspection revealed that
it was not "Mono" , but Ximian that has taken this action...

The reasons for this seem unclear (inside info from Microsoft abt a Swing 
clone?) ... Anyway, that has happened and Ximian has made it clear that 
they will be giving WinForms a wide berth ... (or so the mailing list conveys)

During the "DotGNU"+"Mono" code sharing ideas , System.Xml and Windows.Forms
have been the most frequently quoted . System.Xml is being developed to work 
using only ECMA mscorlib classes rather than on the .NET only classes (mono).

If Windows.Forms is also frozen, what would be the effect on the Portable.Net
project , are we going to support Windows.Forms ? ....

Me in particular have no problems if WinForms is dumped but that destroys
an integral part of interoperability for programs like SharpDevelop (to quote
one) , as GTK# does not run on the .NET Runtime .... So even if they port
to GTK#, they end up writing two versions of the same program .....

With Pnet supporting GTK# (and QT# ?) , do we need to provide some sort 
of solution for this issue ? (at least partial).... Or ignore the people
who have gone the (VS|VB).NET GUI way ?.

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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