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From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: [DotGNU]FW:
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:18:47 -0700 (PDT)

I sure you slashdotters will say old news,
maybe this is of interest to you :

Sponsor, Associate and Affiliate membership categories now open for
companies seeking an active role in the Alliance.  

The Liberty Alliance Project

The basic element of a community is the notion of identity. Technology
exists today to create, manage, and authenticate online identities and
broker services based on information related to that identity. The
Liberty Alliance Project is an alliance formed to deliver and support a
federated network identity solution for the Internet that enables
single sign-on for consumers as well as business users in an open,
federated way.

Federated network identity represents the natural evolution of the next
generation of the Internet. The first waves of the Internet, namely
communications, global access, commerce, and community identity, gave
us a pervasive user medium that has largely been relegated to
one-to-one, customer-to-business relationships and experiences. The
inflection point starting the Internet's next wave will be marked by an
era of open, federated identity with promises of bold new business
taxonomies and opportunities, coupled with economies of scale that,
until recently, were simply unimaginable. 

Federated network identity will enable the next generation of the
Internet: federated commerce. In a federated view of the world, a
person's online identity, their personal profile, personalized online
configurations, buying habits and history, and shopping preferences are
administered by users, yet securely shared with the organizations of
their choosing. A federated network identity model will enable every
business or user to manage their own data, and ensure that the use of
critical personal information is managed and distributed by the
appropriate parties, rather than a central authority.

The role of the Liberty Alliance Project in all of this is to support
the development, deployment and evolution of an open, interoperable
standard for federated network identity. 

The vision of the Liberty Alliance is to enable a networked world in
which individuals and businesses can more easily conduct transactions
while protecting the privacy and security of vital identity
information.To accomplish its vision, the Liberty Alliance will
establish an open standard for federated network identity through open
technical specifications that will:

Support a broad range of identity-based products and services

Enable commercial and non-commercial organizations to realize new
revenue and cost saving opportunities that economically leverage their
relationships with customers, business partners, and employees 
Provide consumers with choice of identity provider(s), the ability to
link accounts through account federation, and the convenience of single
sign-on, when using any network of connected services and devices

Increase ease of use for e-commerce consumers

Help to stimulate e-commerce 
The key objectives of the Liberty Alliance are to:

Develop specifications that enable service providers to protect
consumer privacy 

Provide an open single sign-on specification that includes federated
authentication from multiple providers operating independently

Enable commercial and non-commercial organizations to control, maintain
and enhance relationships

Create a network identity infrastructure that supports all current and
emerging network access devices 
The Liberty Alliance is comprised of over 60 member companies
representing a wide variety of industries and over a billion customers,
with operations all over the globe. Each of the member companies either
owns and operates large communities of interest or is the developer of
core technology that can enable a federation of online communities.
However, membership in the Alliance is still open and all organizations
are invited and encouraged to join.

James Michael DuPont

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