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[DotGNU]DotGNU Base Library

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]DotGNU Base Library
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 18:13:44 +0200


pnetlib can't support some of the things we want in it (for example the use of
the << operator on streams like in C++) because of the fact that it has to be
compatible with ECMA and .NET. Because of this the pnet lead team has decided to
create a project in DotGNU-Libs to put extensions in that can't be put into

The project is called DotGNU Base Library and is a part of the DotGNU-Libraries
(AKA DotGNU-Contrib). The project will be lead by me.

This is NOT a fork of pnetlib, DotGNU-Base will complement pnetlib and will not
compete with it. 

DotGNU-Base will use the DotGNU-Libs CVS repository for development. The initial
code import will take place tomorrow or at least before next sunday.


Q: What stuff gets into DG-Base?
A: Stuff that isn't in the ECMA specifications or the .NET framework. Also the
stuff needs to belong in a base class library, for example a Matrix class fit's
into DG-Base, but a class for probability mathematics doesn't (such a class
belongs in a separate math library). If in doubt ask the admin.

Q: What's the license?

Q: What's the deal on copyright assignment?
A: The same as in DotGNU-Libs: you keep your own copyright (so put a copyright
notice with your name in every file you change).

Q: What code documentation system is used?
A: Plain old comments, I believe that comments need to be readable for a
programmer, not for a machine (so no XML). At some point in time these comments
will then be turned into documentation manually. But to do this it's important
to have everything well commented.

Q: What build system is used?
A: A little shell magic called (basically something like 'find |
xargs cscc')

Q: What's the golden rule for contributions?
A: Make a ChangeLog entry, any contribution without a ChangeLog entry will be
reversed (or more likely the contributor will be asked to make an entry).

Q: What areas do you plan to tackle?
A: Simplifying complex methods (using String instead for byte[] for I/O),
creating overloaded operators to simplify even more (<< and >> for Streams).
Creating handy classes (Matrix). Enhancing existing classes with new features.
DG-Base tackles basically anything that doesn't go in pnetlib and isn't so
specialized that it can become a library (lot's of classes fit this definition).

Q: Any specific new classes?
A: Basic database (IO with data fields of fixed size), data structures like
double linked lists and trees, enhanced command line parsing (GNU style),
protocol support (NNTP, STMP, POP3).

Q: Is this the end of the FAQ?
A: Yes



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