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[DotGNU]Reply: Question about DotGNU-Base

From: Stijn \"Adhemar\" Vandamme
Subject: [DotGNU]Reply: Question about DotGNU-Base
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:32:07 +0200 (CEST)

If memory serves me right, I wrote:
> As I understand it, DotGNU-Base is about stuff that isn't in the ECMA
> specifications or the .NET framework.
> Does "stuff" only refer to classes, or does DotGNU-Base also include new
> features in the language C#?
> I understand you are adding the C++ style << operator to streams.

In reply to my own question:

I finally figured out that the C++ style << operator is not in violation
with the current C# specification grammar, and that DotGNU-Base calls
itself a Base Library.
So the answer is probably: stuff == classes.
(It must have been late yesterday night.)

Will you document the DotGNU-Base embrace-and-extend APIs in such a way
that other CLI implementations (Mono comes to mind) have enough
information to implement them independantly, too, if they want to?

Thanks in advance,

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