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[DotGNU]Java assembler

From: Sylvain Pasche
Subject: [DotGNU]Java assembler
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 23:06:44 +0200


Seems there's more work to be done that what I expected. I did not see
at first that the java assembly was not yet done during parsing

What should be the policy for ilasm output with -mjvm ?

* A single .class file if there'es only one class in the module, and
else a .jar
* always a .jar, as the module might contain several classes/types.
* a buch of .class files in the cwd (incompatible with -o flag)

About the java assembly process. Should it create metadata for the
methods in the same way such as il methods, and then use a metadata
writer which will ouput Constant pool for each classes
(meta_java_writer.c or alike ) ?
One problem with this is that we don't have the constant pool index
until the metadata translation is done. Which makes it difficult for
outputing, for example ldc "..." .
Or bypass the metadata while assembling java methods ?


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