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[DotGNU]Reasons for a design working group

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]Reasons for a design working group
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 09:57:15 -0400


there has been little reaction to my suggestion of forming a design working 
group, I interpret this as that a lot of people don't really have a strong 
opinion about this (the proposal is neither supported nor rejected). So let 
me just rally some support here by summing up some reasons why a design 
working group would be nice.

First of all there is the matter of between part communication. The design of 
the execution enviroments affects the design of the authorization systems 
(who are used by the execution enviroments) and the design of the webservices 
(who use the execution enviroments). Since the exec enviroments are the 
interface to the auth systems for the webservices it's important to have 
these things tuned to eachother.

Second there is the matter of appearance, the current structure of the 
individual projects with the SC above them may appear a bit unorganized to 
the industry, a structure of working groups with a defined terittory of 
operation that are clearly connected in a tree structure will appear more 
organized. A good appearance can be important to getting the industry to work 
with us.

Third there is the matter of communication with non-DotGNU projects. We need 
to keep in touch with other free software projects (like Mono). If we have 
working groups these can keep in touch with the other projects for us. It 
could also be useful to invite important non-DotGNU projects to take part in 
a working group. This would certainly benefit all involved.

Fourth is the matter of organization when DotGNU gets really big. When the 
projects get filled with developers and many new projects start it will be 
hard to keep track of what's going on. The parts working groups could keep 
track of developments in their areas and alarm the design working group (and 
the SC) if there is something they going on that's important.

Well that's all I though off. Reactions are very welcome :-).



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