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Re: More Todo's (was: Re: [DotGNU]Todo's)

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: Re: More Todo's (was: Re: [DotGNU]Todo's)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:55:50 -0700
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On Sunday 28 July 2002 13:30, Peter Minten wrote:
> * DotGNU Developer
> Description:
> At the moment there are a number of good IDE's, but most of them
> focus on C and C++ and not C#. But a good IDE is very important to
> attract large numbers of developers. The idea is to develop a
> number of independent programming tools and then to create a GUI to
> work with them. If possible the IDE should have support for
> visualizing the code structure (creating class trees), graphical
> debugging, customizable code highlighting and scripting (these last
> two would make it possible to use the IDE for other languages
> things than C#). The mails send about this subject can be found in
> the archives (threads: 'Developer wishlist' and 'Webservice
> Goals').

People might want to look into doing Eclipse plug-ins. 
(  It's a sort of generalized, open, 
extensible IDE framework, or maybe a "tool environment".  It's not 
tied to any language in particular.  I haven't used it in a while but 
as I recall it had a lot of potential.  It isn't GPL, though, it's 
released under IBM's Common Public License.  I would imagine you 
could still write GPL plugins for it, though.


"First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.
 Then they fight you.  And then you win."             -Gandhi

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