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Re: [DotGNU]Poster/Slogan Project Information

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Poster/Slogan Project Information
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:23:49 +0200

Ian Fung wrote:
> greetings dotGNU developers!
> i'm here to kick off the dotGNU poster/slogan project. the aim of this
> project is to raise awareness in certain communities (colleges,
> workplace, etc) and get dotGNU some good pr. there will be a page on the
> dotGNU website providing the details of this project, but here's the
> overview.
> we are looking for two types of posters.
> 1) recruitment poster
> 2) promotional poster
> the first should be an informative design that attracts passersby and
> provides them with information about how to join the fun. this design
> should be simple, clean, and mass-producible. the size should be able
> 1.5' wide by 2' long, i mean the actual grafic you produce doesn't have
> to be that size, but of that ratio.
> the second should be a high quality aesthetically pleasing poster that
> people will be willing to pay money for. it will not be put up on
> bulletin boards but rather for promotional purposes. they dont have to
> be imformative, just neat to own. an idea would be simply a big white
> poster with the dotGNU logo as depicted on the website. and maybe our
> slogan on the bottom.

I think a bit more stuff than just the logo and slogan will promote sales a 
> Slogan?!? We have a slogan?!?

My humble (and mostly crazy) suggestions:

DotGNU = Webservices + Freedom
DotGNU: Freedom for webservices.
DotGNU: Free, Secure, Powerful
DotGNU: Guarding the freedom of the future net.
DotGNU: Free software for the future.
DotGNU: Free software for a new web.
DotGNU: The new web needs free software.
DotGNU: Stampeding into the new web.
Stop internet passports, use DotGNU.
Stop the invasion of the web, use DotGNU.
Stop the evil empire, use DotGNU.
Stop the monopolization of the web, use DotGNU.
Resistance isn't futile, use DotGNU.
But another matter: if this plan works we'll be getting quite a heavy load of
newbies stampeding (to use a gnu term :-) in here so we should start thinking
about how to help newbies get into the work.

We could start with putting up a TODO Wiki page as suggested by Eric Altendorf.
Also IMHO we should appoint a newbie working group with people in it who can
help newbies find their way into the project (I volunteer to be on this working
group). This working group could have regular IRC meetings where newbies can ask
questions, a special newbie mailing list may also be useful (though I know there
is some resistance to having lot's of lists).

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